About – Updated After Ted’s Passing

Hello.  Welcome to A Walk In The Word.     


My name is Ted Pavloff.  I am a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I have been preaching and teaching His Word for 70 years.  I am also a newspaper columnist and the author of inspirational books.  One of my favorite jobs in life is being a father and grandfather.  I am married to a very special and very sweet lady named Pamela, and I have five grown children, seven grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.  All of them give me immeasurable joy and pleasure.

It is my prayer that the articles I share on this blog will encourage, comfort, and inspire faith in all those who visit here and partake of these truths from the living Word of God.  Please visit often and feel free to share your hearts with me in return.


Ted Pavloff, founder and original host of “A Walk in the Word,” went home to be with the Lord a few months ago. However, it was Ted’s hope, after more than 70 years in ministry, that his anointed teachings would continue to bless, comfort, edify, and strengthen people for many years into the future. To that end, his family continues to maintain this site and post his articles.

Many of the articles were written during the last couple of  years, but a great number of them were originally written and taught decades ago. Nevertheless, the truths they share are directly from the Word of God, and Ted proved them true in his life and the lives of his family and his church. These teachings continue to carry God’s life and love and power to the reader right now.

7 thoughts on “About – Updated After Ted’s Passing

  1. Hello, from Texas Rabbi. Just found your blog. Makes me feel right at home. Hope that you are well and blessed from head to foot. Just wanted to say that I love you and pray for you. You and Fay filled a big void in my life when mom went to be with Jesus. I will be forever grateful. You are truly an extension of Jesus’ hands and love to me here in this life. I can only imagine with my frail mind what the next life with Him is going to be like. Blessings, glory, and honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus.

    My love in Christ, who loves you most!


    1. What a blessing to hear from you, my brother, Jon. It has been so long.I appreciate being in your prayers along with my precious wife Pamela. And I can assure you that you and Gloria are definitely in our prayers. I’m glad you found my blog.It has become an extended part of our ministry in bringing the fulness of salvation to those who need it. When I say “salvation”, I am referring to the fulness of that word’s meaning–forgiveness of sins, healing of our bodies, prosperity.Glory! Ted

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