Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

As you can see, this is a photo of a book cover, and I have chosen it to represent my idea of something “unusual” because the photo used here is one that was totally unexpected and unlikely to occur without planning. The picture is of me and one of my grandsons, Kyle, age 2.  His grandmother and I were visiting with his family in Atlanta, GA, when we decided to go for a walk at a local park. We did not pose the picture or even plan it.  But my grandson was evidently trying to imitate my walk, and my wife just happened to catch the shot at the moment his right foot and mine were lifted and moving forward simultaneously. She did not realize what she had captured until the pictures were developed a couple weeks later. Since Scripture admonishes us to “imitate” the Father God, and since the book title is Following In The Father’s Steps, we felt this photo was perfect for use on the cover. If you are interested in learning more about the book itself, you can find more information at the publisher’s website: St. Ellen Press.


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